We enable change management for those who dare to evolve

– through sustainable collaboration, focus on a bright future and unique branding ideas.

We are currently living in the most advanced age since the dawn of mankind. With new technologies and AIs, we will be able to tackle global challenges much more efficiently and purposefully in the future. But with progress comes new challenges and changes - social, environmental, and economical. If we want to master these, we must think in a new way: future-oriented and with the right mindset that does not forget the human relationships and influencing factors behind the product.

Bienenschwarm (schwarz /grau) im Collabeez Design mit einer großen Bienen in der Mitte und mehreren kleinen nebendran
Our Mission

Shaping a new future together

The hot skills of the future encompass more than technical expertise. Upskilling and reskilling, also in an interpersonal context, will be a relevant part of corporate strategies in the coming years. For companies, this means above all: rethinking. If you want to keep up with new trends, you must be prepared to question internal structures to challenge the existing and open up for new ways.

But how do you manage such a major structural change in the most socially acceptable way possible, alongside day-to-day business operations? How do you secure the jobs of those who do not have 'future hot skills'? Collabeez supports companies in successfully managing change - from planning to strategy, implementation, and operational control.

Collabeez supports companies in successfully managing change - from planning to strategy, implementation, and operational control.

Our Services

corporate communications

Collabeez stands for a strong set of values and transparent open communication. We believe that new holistic strategies are needed to survive on the future competitive market in the long run. We cooperate with customers & experts who also want to make a difference. We also make sure that processes do not come to standstill due to deadlocked behaviors (keyword tunnel vision).

From change management to social media content creation - with our experienced and flexible sparring partners, organizations have access to specialized expertise whenever they need it.
Together, we create sustainable solutions that work for everyone.

collabeez offene kommunikation - drei Sprechblasen verbunden durch drei Waben im Hintergrund, in den Farben schwarz, weiß und neongelb
Our network

Become a Collabeez expert

We want to achieve a lot. We want to change the world economically, socially, and ecologically. Together, we can break down old structures, respond quickly to new challenges, and build valuable long-term relationships.

As part of the Collabeez collective, our members gain access to mentors and sparring partners who support them in their projects and ideas. Together, we develop solutions that ensure long-term success and growth. Along the way, we not only live 'New Work & Sustainability', but develop it together day by day, to reach our full potential, while maintaining enough space for our personal development.


What we do and who we are shows in our projects and voices from the collective.

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